Supervisor Scott Wiener

June 16,2016

Subject:   RE: A plea for help to stop the needles bike wrecks on 17th Street between Church and Noe Streets.

From:  Wiener, Scott (

To:  John Entwistle

Date:  Thursday, June 16, 2016 3:34 PM

Hi John. Thanks for writing. The tracks are used by Muni, so I don’t think they’ll fill them in. I recently asked MTA to take a look and see how those tracks can be made safer.

 July 6, 2016:

Subject:  17th and Church St. tracks

From:  Fryman, Ann (BOS) (

To: John Entwistle;


Date:  Wednesday, July 6, 2016 2:24 PM

Hi John,

My name is Ann Fryman, legislative aide to Supervisor Scott Wiener. We are planning a street safety meeting for next week with the bike coalition and TomMacGuire’s bike team at SFMTA about possible safety improvements for cyclists at these key intersections. Even though removing the tracks is not an option at this point, we want to aggressively pursue adequate signage and possible paint/lighting improvements to ensure safety to cyclists on 17th or Church in that area. Please let me know if you’d be available to come to meet at City Hall next Wednesday afternoon,7/13.

I am a cyclist too and have gotten in a couple nasty wrecks at night on those tracks. Thank you for bringing attention to this issue.

Ann Fryman, Legislative Aide

Office of Supervisor Scott Wiener


July 8, 2016

Subject:  RE: 17th and Church St. tracks

From:  Fryman, Ann (BOS) (

To:  John Entwistle

Date:  Friday, July 8, 2016  11:40 AM

Hi John,

We have room 278 at City Hall reserved for this discussion on Tuesday 7/12 at 3pm.

I hope you are able to attend. Leaders from the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and senior engineers from the SFMTA’s Livable Streets Design team are also going to be there. Our office is very motivated to purue high-impact solutions to this hazardous intersection that can be implemented quickly.

Please let me know if you are able to attend.

Ann Fryman | Legislative Aide

Office of Supervisor Scott Wiener


Ann Fryman

Legislative Aide Ann Fryman with Supervisor Scott Wiener at City Hall.


LeeWiener&Reiskin 17th&Castro
Sup. London Breed, unknown, Sup. Julie Christensen, Sup. Wiener, SFMTA Board Chairman Tom Nolan, SFMTA Executive Director/CEO Ford & Ed Reiskin.

MikeSallaberry - Scott Wiener

SF Supervisor Scott Wiener with SFMTA Engineer Mike Sallaberry (center)

London Breed, Ed Reiskin (SFMTA), Scott Wiener, John Haley(SFMTA)
Scott Wiener, Ed Lee, Tom Nolan & Rick Laubscher Riding the E-Line.
Mayor Lee and Supervisors & SFMTA bosses celebrate the opening of the new beautiful E-Line. Note the tracks and road bed. Not like 17th Street.
While four fire trucks respond on 17th St. to the following video taped MUNI caused tragedy, Sup. Scott Wiener was two blocks away cutting the flag on MUNI’s new “rainbow light escalator”  & tweeting abut it. — May 19th, 2016.

A link to the video of the mother with two children knocked down by the tracks on 17th St.



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