Neighbors speak out about the tracks on 17th St. between Church & Noe Streets

Neighbor Quotes from Nextdoor June 8, 2016

Kerry F. from West Dolores  11h ago

Thanks Dennis. As a cyclist I avoid that stretch of 17th because it’s too dangerous, and it’s a shame. You should connect with the SF Bike Coalition–they might throw some support behind it.


Allison M. from West Dolores 10h ago

Yesterday when an ambulance came for a bike crash at 17th/Noe, the paramedics mentioned that they get called to 17th street between Noe and Church every day because of these tracks. It shouldn’t be acceptable that people are getting physically injured on a daily basis due to this known issue.


Laura B. from West Dolores 7h ago

I live nearby and also got caught on the tracks, and barely avoided a nasty crash. I am super risk-averse and always stop at signs!! In fact, that was the last time I rode a bike in SF (1 year ago). Yesterday (June 7) at 7:30am I saw a biker crouched at 17th/Church with her bike thrown on the side of the street. I did not witness the crash but wouldn’t be surprised if those tracks were to blame.
I hope we can solve this!


Ann R. from Castro 6h ago

I’m one of the victims – crashed at 17th and Church in December (and I didn’t run a stop sign; the light was green and I was not going that fast. There are just too many tracks to stay perpendicular to all of them.) I broke my elbow badly – still rehabbing. At the hospital, whenever I told someone it happened at 17th and Church, they said some version of “yeah, we get a lot of business from that intersection”). I can’t believe those track aren’t even used! I assumed they were and that we all have to live with trade-offs to keep as many transportation options available as possible. My plan – once I’m allowed to ride a bike again, which won’t be until July – was to get off and walk my bike across that intersection from now on. I would happily write letters or call offices or whatever it would take to get the tracks paved over and a bike path delineated, if someone will tell me whom to contact. Getting the Bike Coalition involved is a great idea – they’re really effective.


Ashley M. from Castro 6h ago

I have a scar on my right hand from my front tire getting caught in rails on Market Street the first week I moved to San Francisco. I know another reason that those rails could be dangerous is because of the fog. When the fog rolls in it’s basically like they’re wet but cyclists don’t realize it because it’s not raining.

Good luck. SF bike coalition might be the way to go.


Rich B. from West Dolores 6h ago

Fatal consequences could occur; the last such incident (“wheel was caught in the center trackway”) in SF was on 11-Oct-2015. See;… in that case the bicyclist was (allegedly) in the wrong, but as seen in the comments thread here, plenty of cyclists get caught in this 17th St section without doing anything wrong.

I have a scarred wrist from a fall in rain a few months ago: turning at that intersection (Church & 17th) is hazardous whenever it’s wet. If a distracted driver comes along at the same moment someone falls, then we could indeed see another fatality.


Joi M. from Buena Vista 2h ago

Yeh, I had a bad fall there about a year ago and luckily only severely bruised my shoulder/arm, cracked my helmet, and broke my sunglasses.


Nora S. from Valencia Corridor 37m ago

I fractured my ankle on that stretch just a few weeks ago! I’ve been wondering what other bikers / SF bike coalition are doing about this. If the tracks are in use or it’s not financially feasible to remove them, there should at least be more signage/public awareness for bikers about how to navigate them safely. I’m a cautious cyclist but hadn’t put two and two together about the importance of crossing at a perpendicular vs. parallel angle.


Eyal C. from Mission Station 1h ago

This is a simple, constructive, positive idea to improve our city. I’ve taken a bad spill on those tracks a few years back and I’m obviously not alone. Thanks for promoting it.


Jason P. from Castro 32m ago

My first time riding a bike in San Francisco, I flipped at Castro/Market; a car cut me off to turn right, my front tire caught in the middle gap. I flipped, cracked an elbow and tooth, and got stitches. I’ve been terrified to ride since.


Mike T. from Valencia Corridor 17m ago

The Muni tracks are a real danger to cyclists and hazardous points should really be indicated with warning signs and better on-road marking.

My wife fell at the junction of 17th and Church on the westbound rails.

I fell on the unused rails on Illinois Street, when navigating a truck parked in the bike lane. Fortunately no other vehicles were nearby and nothing hurt, just our pride. We now make sure we cycle more carefully when close to the tracks.

Seems like it is a right of passage for cyclists in San Francisco.


Alicyn C. from Valencia Corridor 7h ago

I had a terrible accident at the same place – 17th and Church last August when to avoid being struck by an uber driver ( looking at his phone, rather than the road), I took my eyes off the system of tracks and caught my tire and went flying over the bars across the intersection. I severely injured my hip and knees and it has taken almost 10 months to heal. It made me stop riding my bike in the city.
I had no idea these tracks were not currently used. Thanks for raising for everyone’s safety!!


Lynn F. from Lower Haight/Hayes 8h ago

I have some names of reporters that might be interested – public shaming is in order.


Matt B. from West Dolores 2h ago

My wife is an experienced rider and she wrecked in the tracks at Sanchez & 17th and slammed into a parked car. I was so thankful she was able to ride away unscathed. My coworker broke his elbow at the church intersection. I’m so happy to hear people are working on this and I am willing to lend support.

 Videos of a bike and a motorcycle knocked down by the 17th St. tracks.

One comment

  1. I was involved in an accident on 17th and Sanchez in September of 2014 where I got caught in the muni tracks, flipped over my bike, landed on my head/face (while wearing a helmet), had a concussion, a fracutured elbow, a black eye, and scars on my hand. A wonderful man named Dave helped me call my family and stayed with me until they showed up. I unfortunately didn’t exchange contact information with him so I never had a chance to thank him for his help on that scary day.


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