Professional Nurse writes about helping MUNI victims

Vivienne L., 
Professional Nurse
3700 Block of 17th Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

June 24, 2016

Dear Supervisor Scott Wiener,

I am writing you today to reinforce the case of the  issue of bike wrecks and the potential for more serious injuries on 17th Street between Church and Noe Streets. I am a resident and professional nurse in this community and have repeatedly initiated the Good Samaritan Act to provide first aid care to injured bicyclists and moped riders. The MUNI tracks in their current condition are unsafe and, at a minimum, the street should have clearly marked lanes for identifying bicycle, car and MUNI lanes. Unfortunately, they all share the same single lane.

Double parked cars drop off faculty and students at the 17th Street entrance to the Everett Middle School and create a blockade for cyclists. This ongoing practice requires dangerous maneuvering to avoid collisions with the parked vehicles only to have their bike tires become lodged in the MUNI tracks. For the sake of the safety of all concerned, I appeal to you to take a detailed look at the situation. I fear more serious injuries and the grave consequences to the citizens of this city.  At least first, the MUNI lanes should be marked clearly and signs posted to stop the temporary double parking of cars. In addition, the tracks should be repaired, replaced or removed entirely.

Thank you for your prompt attention to the concerns expressed about the dangers of the MUNI tracks on 17th Street between Church and Noe Streets.


Vivienne L.

cc: Sup. Norman Yee, Sup.London Breed, John Entwistle

Video of mother & her two children knocked off her bike by the tracks on 17th Street.


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