Bicycles in China – pictures – 自行车在中国

I flew over to China a few years back and traveled by public transportation everywhere. It was wonderful. The bullet trains turn the countryside into a blur they go so fast. And bikes are everywhere. Certainly they have lots of cars. But they also have a lot of smaller streets that are still dominated by bikes. All kinds of bikes and electric scooters as well. Lots of electric scooters; very few are gas. These pictures were taken in several cities: Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou & Beijing. I signed up for and used the bike rental system in Hangzhou extensively for a week and it cost a whole five dollars and change.

Here’s some pictures.


The video above was shot with an ipod touch. It is a street corner in the Bund in Shanghai, two blocks from the river. I stayed there for a week.


This man saved China from the selfish criminals. Guess how he would handle corrupt public officials like the ones running San Francisco? There was no corruption under the Great Helmsman. And now they have great public transit & bike paths.


I left my heart in Hangzhou. Somewhere on the shore of xihu to be exact.


This is the fleet for rent at


(Olympic Park) in Beijing. Awesome park.

And that’s all she wrote. For a jarring wake up call click here to go to 17th Street, USA.

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