People Protected Bike Lanes SF

Photographs & Text by John Entwistle, Jr., July 25, 2018.

The People Protected bike lanes movement is a relatively new phenomena in San Francisco. It is a truly grass roots cross of street theater, direct action and political/social networking in our local political battlefield of transportation planning and land usage. The idea is simple. Pick a problem area and show up in numbers during the evening rush hour wearing bright yellow tee shirts bearing the message: “Protected Bike Lanes Save Lives.” Lining up to separate the bike path from the roadway prevents drivers from using the bike path as a drop off zone.

These safety demonstrations provide a forum for journalists, politicians and activists to intelligently discuss bicycle safety in the places that need that discussion most. People Protected welcomed many politicians and has obtained some wonderful achievements in their short history of activism in San Francisco. I have attended most of these events as both an activist and as a photographer. Below are a few photos from some of the People Protected bike lane protests held in San Francisco. I will be adding more events to the list and for those interested in the upcoming actions I suggest following @PeopleProtected on Twitter.

Townsend Street — July 10, 2018




Maureen leading the line with David Gouldin just behind her. Maureen was one of the original activists who introduced this form of protest to San Francisco.


Kasey Condor & the Mayor’s Director of Transportation Gillian Gillett.


Journalist Roger Rudick conducting an interview for StreetsblogSF.


This was a joint action involving People Protected and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition so we had a lot of folks on hand and were able to cover both sides of Townsend Street.

Two additional links for this Townsend Street people protected bike lane story. First a little background. We organized this action as a response to SFMTA suddenly announcing at the beginning of July that plans that had been years in the making to upgrade the safety of this street were being shelved indefinitely. Here’s the story and a few additional details as well. And as a result of our actions and the wonderful journalism that it inspired SFMTA backed down from their earlier decision and protected bike lanes for Townsend Street are going to be installed in the very near future. Here’s the latest on that. And this campaign also included a serious visit to our friends at the SFMTA Board of Directors for their monthly meeting. StreetsBlogSF reporter Roger Rudick covered that highly successful day in this article.

Market Street at Valencia — May 9, 2018


Bike to work Day — May 10, 2018

DSC07671 (1)
San Francisco’s Traffic Engineer Mike Sallaberry, Mayor London Breed & her previous Chief of Staff Conor Johnson.

DSC07696 (1)DSC07796 (1)

Howard Street at 7th Street — May 2, 2018


That’s D6 candidates for supervisor Sonja Trauss (with her incredibly cute baby!) and Commissioner Matt Haney with Supervisor Jane Kim and Bicycle Coalition Advocacy Director Janice Li (Candidate for BART Board).
DSC06444 (1)
Commissioner Matt Haney, Supervisor Jane Kim and Matt Brezina & Lauren Nazario cheering for our favorite SFMTA workers.
Supervisor Jane Kim doing an interview with television reporter Amber Lee for KTVU news.

DSC06816 (1)

Upper Market Street — March 22, 2018

DSC04193 (1)

DSC04168 (1)
Candidate for Mayor of San Francisco Mark Leno on the line.

DSC04254 (1)DSC04278 (1)DSC04300DSC04440 (1)

Market Street above Octavia — December 4, 2017

State Senator Scott Wiener on the line. Scott helped us as a Supervisor on the 17th Street protected bike lane project.


My neighbor and member of the Board of Directors for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Jiro Yamamoto.
San Francisco Bike Coalition Executive Director Brian Wiedenmeier.
District 8 Supervisor Rafael Mandelman back when he was running for office. He won!


Past District 8 Supervisor Jeff Sheehy who took our message directly into City Hall and got that path we are seen here standing on completely upgraded and all parking removed from both sides of Market Street.
This is a great example of how much direct communicating happens on the people protected bike lanes. There is ample time to discuss the issue at hand.

Supervisor Jeff Sheehy was a bike messenger as a young man and attended almost every People Protected Bike Lane protest of this series. Jeff was very active for us in City Hall where he sponsored legislation to create a protected bike lane on Valencia Street and he was active in getting the SFMTA to upgrade the bike lane shown in this demonstration. (Just out in front of the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual & Transgender Community Center on Market Street.) This path is now protected and the car parking along the curb has been removed. These protections are the entire block on both sides of Market Street dramatically enhancing the safe passage of bicycles through this vital corridor.

The following pictures show this wonderful new bike infrastructure that was the direct result of grass roots advocacy reflected in the People Protected bike lane protests seen above.

South Side of Market Street connecting Octavia Blvd to Laguna St. Now, after our demonstrations got the entire block overhauled and upgraded.
The results of our demonstration: South Side of Market Street connecting Octavia Blvd to Laguna Street.
The results of our demonstration: South Side of Market Street connecting Octavia Blvd to Laguna St.
The results of our demonstration: North side of Market Street between Guerrero and Octavia.
The results of our demonstration: North side of Market Street between Guerrero and Octavia.
Close up of the signage for the South side of Market St. protected bike lane with loading zone.




Valencia Street — September 14, 2017





Matt Brezina watches while Supervisor Jeff Sheehy gives an interview on the sidewalk during our demonstration.


Jeff Sheehy, Brian Wiedenmeier & Janice Li on the sidelines.


This was one of several People Protected bicycle safety demonstrations held on this part of Valencia Street. Supervisor Jeff Sheehy was very moved by these events and introduced legislation in City Hall to spend more than $140,000 on planning a new protected bike lane for Valencia Street. That work is ongoing. Below is the latest design considerations as of July, 2018. One of these will be selected.ValenciaStOptions

You can read more about the Valencia Street project here.

More photos from other demonstrations at different locations featuring different politicians and people will be forthcoming. Other links of interest will also be added in the very near future.

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