7-12 Meet at City Hall called for Church & 17th tracks

Supervisor Scott Wiener has called a special meeting at City Hall on Tuesday, July 12th  to discuss the tracks at Church Street and 17th St. The City will be exploring a range of ideas to fix this hazard. Invited to attend are leaders of the Bicycle Coalition and senior engineers from the SFMTA’s Livable Streets Design team as well as activists working to make 17th Street safe for bikes.

According to Ann Fryman, Legislative Aide to Sup.Wiener they have reserved room 278 at City Hall for this discussion on Tuesday 7/12 at 3pm. “Even though removing the tracks is not an option at this point, we want to aggressively pursue adequate signage and possible paint/lighting improvements to ensure safety to cyclists on 17th or Church in that area.”

“Our office is very motivated to pursue high-impact solutions to this hazardous intersection that can be implemented quickly.”

Read the full text of each of the above communications here.

Watch a video of a woman with her two children thrown to the ground by these tracks here.


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