Bike crash videos from the 17th St. train tracks

We have captured a substantial number of videos of bicycles and other two wheeled vehicles crashing on the 17th Street tracks. Here are a few for your perusal.

The next two are different angles on the same crash:

Two more views of a scooter crash

This is a different moped crashing on the same spot a few days later in the rain at night:

This is a two part series. First we see the woman with the child on her back seat rolling by. All is fine. Then we see her proceeding West preparing for a left turn in the proper legal way. That is where the tracks catch her and darn near dump her and her child under a big truck. They ended up taking a cab to the hospital.

This is just a few videos. I have more and will continue to add to this collection as time allows. And since SFMTA is committed to keeping those tracks despite many good reasons to pave them over (They carry no passengers, are part of no line, alternatives exist, etc…) we can expect this bloodletting to continue. Very sad  situation here on 17th Street in San Francisco.

Oh, by the way, this is a city bike route. But the city transportation engineers can not mark it in any way because of… oh, you guessed it, the tracks! SFMTA’s solution to the problem: remove the parked cars, leave the tracks.

We got a better idea!

One comment

  1. as 17th st does not go through at Market, maybe the answer is reduce it to one lane/ one way in this area. That would leave room for Muni, bikes, people, parking…


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