SFMTA Calls Second Public Mtg on 17th St. Bike Lanes June 15, 2017


This is the poster just published from SFMTA. While welcoming progress on this issue and loving protected bike lanes in general we have some serious concerns about this specific mitigation strategy.

It does not address the intersections where so many crashes occur as well as the equally dangerous second block of 17th St. (between Sanchez & Noe). And it only protects bicycles while we have proof that motorcycles and Scoots and mopeds are also impacted by the old temporary “shoofly” streetcar tracks.

The impact on the very small surrounding streets that removing 50 spaces will have is significant as drivers cruise looking for parking spaces previously available on 17th St. We feel that the rail division of Muni has not sufficiently considered alternatives to using those two blocks to move a small number of empty historic streetcars. A little bit of flexibility from the rail division could save everyone a lot of trouble. More about that later.

That said the street would be very different without parking. If that could be done in a way that works it would have a very positive aspect as well. It could be very nice indeed. We are not blind to the potential benefits of this project. Wonderful discussion overall!!

One comment

  1. Removing parking only partially solves the problem, while creating another one altogether as residents struggle to find already limited street parking options in the area. Great blog, by the way! I live on the 3000 block of 17th and just discovered this blog today. Best of luck with the advocacy.


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