SFMTA’s Proposal for 17th Street

On June 16th, 2017 the SFMTA hosted their second public safety meeting to unveil their official proposal for 17th Street. Chief Engineer Mike Sallaberry’s plan is a combination of parking space removal and protected bike lanes on both sides of 17th St. from Church St. to Sanchez Street.

Mike Sallaberry, Engineer at SFMTA explains his plan to the public.

The SFMTA Bicycle Safety Project plan has definite pro’s, con’s and limits to its effectiveness. But it is a plan and below are posted the signboards from the presentation and a bunch of photo’s from the event at Mission Station. Following that at the bottom of this posting are 30 comments that were left by the folks attending the event.


The next steps are a public hearing (July 14, 2017 at 10:00 am at City Hall Room 416), SFMTA Board approval and construction this coming Fall. I am endorsing it as a positive first step toward a more complete solution. The folks at SFMTA have additional info on this at the official project site on the SFMTA website including the .pdf files of the project boards.



SFMTA’s Ben Jose discussing the area’s safety issues.
Just a bunch of folks talking — it caught the vibe…
The boards become focal points for discussion.


Oliver Gajda of SFMTA Rail Division discussing concerns about the tracks on 17th Street.

The next set of images are the feedback and comments of 29 random folks who attended the event. They are anonymous and any emails or names that were there got blanked.


Update: July 3, 2017: The next hearing has been set for the bike path plan on 17th Street. The hearing will be at City Hall, Room 416 on Friday, July 14, at 10:00 am. After this public hearing the plan goes to the full SFMTA board and then is bid out for construction.

For the record I also added the one board I forgot to photograph from the June 15th Meeting to the collection above.



  1. Why don’t they just re-route the bike lane to 16th Street of the same block? There are no tracks on 16th Street!
    Parking is bad enough in this neighborhood, to remove an entire block of parking is really rude to the people who live here. I live on Dorland Street for 20 years now, and I ride a motorcycle. Yes the tracks are tough but they are everywhere in this city. You have to pay attention to what you are doing and avoid them when it rains!
    Have some common sense!


  2. I think Muni’s plan makes sense. Taxpayer’s, may of whom do not own or cannot afford to keep cars in the City, should not be subsidizing “Free” parking for anyone.


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